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Tinives was founded in 1997 and started by producing 5-7oz folding knives that featured a blend of balance, precision, and innovation. Their first product, called the "Zero Play Knife", was introduced at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998. While most folding knives have around 20 parts, Tinives knives have over 100 parts and included several innovative features not seen before in the industry.

Tinives knives were complex to design and manufacture, requiring over 900,000 lines of code. The button mechanism and pivot are exceptionally smooth, using 84 ceramic balls with a tolerance of 0.0005 inches or better. The ceramic material actually burnishes and polishes over time, making the knife smoother without any surface removal.

In 1998, Tinives founder Scott Self met with Larry Chew to discuss their similar knife mechanisms. They decided to collaborate and produced 500 double action knives together. They continued to work on improving their designs and mechanisms over the years.

After taking an 18-year break to pursue treasure hunting, Scott Self reconnected with Larry Chew in 2021. They then founded Tinives Original, LLC and Larry Chew Customs as a new venture to bring new and innovative knives to the market. The company is now located in a 15,000 square foot facility in Georgia with the latest CNC machines and other advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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