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Microtech Bit - Sigil, LUDT, Warhound Pivot 00340
Microtech Sigil/LUDT/Warhound Pivot Bit

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Item#: KAT-00340

Disclaimer: These tools are not guaranteed for functionality against breakage and are non returnable for any reason with the exception of exchange for a different size.

Microtech Bit - Sigil, LUDT, Warhound Pivot 00340

Does Fit:
LUDT Pivot
Warhound Pivot
Sigil Pivot

Loose screw on your Microtech no worries this should take care of that, these custom-made bits will allow you to tighten screws and more.

If you do decide to take apart any Microtech for whatever reason be smart and take your time. Use the correct tool and BEFORE YOU TURN A SCREW apply a reasonable amount of downward pressure ensuring that the bit meets the screw evenly so you do not strip the tool or the screw.

The screws in Microtech knives are set into the handles finger tight with thread lock. When you put the knife back together if you go past finger tight and you do not use thread lock you will begin to strip the screw, Microtech attempts to avoid this with the "void your warranty" threat. Do you know what finger tight is? That is as tight as a regular non-body builder guy can turn that screw using the tool and no driver and with minimal torque effort. That is not tight enough to hold this knife together unless thread lock is used. If you go tighter you will damage the shafts at the bottom of the handle and they'll eventually strip. Be smart get thread lock. Or steal some clear nail polish from your girl and use that. Just a few toothpick droplets on the threads of the screw and it's good - It will stay in there forever.

Final warning: When you take apart anything OTF (and never take apart a HALO) watch some guys doing it on youtube first. Work in a tray with edges like a baking pan etc. and pop the blade off the track first. The OTF D/As all have a small float spring under the buttons that is about as small a spring as anyone will ever not see and lose. Your knife will work 99% without it but be smart and open the knife in a tray so you don't lose it. You drop it on your lap and you have about a .01% chance of finding it. Stand up and it’s more like .0001%. The final note is that the spring assembly will probably explode in two directions and take someone's eye out. Avoid this by holding it together after you remove the top and disengaging it. See the youtube videos on "microtech take apart" for notes on that.