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29 Knives Custom Barrett 50 Balisong M-Lok Handles, Latched
29 Knives Custom Barrett 50 Balisong M-Lok Handles, Latched

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Item#: 29K-2023-50CAL

29 Knives Custom Barrett 50 Balisong M-Lok Handles, Latched , This Knife Is Over 15 inches Long! This build is many many years in the making and only recently finished and delivered to PVK, taking inspiration from the early Emerson Barret M-50 Collaboration (first seen in Tactical Knives Magazine in the late 90s) This Balisong uses Hexagonal stock for the handles with custom porting as direct reference to the Barretts iconic barrel, paired with the angled tang to mirror the muzzle device at the end of the rifle barrel. A small model is used in the photographs for reference (Not included)

29 Knives is a small one man shop operated by Chris Olofson. Chris is a lifetime builder and collector balisongs and other assorted martial arts weaponry and he fashions most of his knives based on the works of the legendary custom knife maker Jody Sampson.

Chris also adds in many blade designs never before seen on any modern day knives that are drawn directly from the traditional edged weapons of various martial arts schools and fighters both ancient and modern from around the world.

The vast majority of 29 knives built to date, includes ours shown here, have no visible pivot pins and are build in the channel construction method where each half of the balisong is a solid piece milled from a block of stainless steel. These knives are about twice the weight of any other balisong cut from an alloy metal and have extra thick very heavy 3/16" stock used for the blade itself. S30V Blade Steel

The fit on all 29 Knives is always very tight - tighter than any other Balisong you would encounter especially at the latch. It takes a good sqeeze in just the right spot to open or close these knives and Chris has always built them in this fashion so that they will latch for several lifetimes in comparison to most of the similar knives built that are easy to open and then no longer latch closed after a few months or years as they break in. The pivots are also as tight as possible as is the the fit of the blade in the channels. It is normal to see swish marks at the pivot area on any 29 Knives Balisong as they leave the maker's shop fresh from build. When asked about this Chris has the simple answer of he doesn't want to make his handles any wider or his blades any thinner due to the size of the stock he can order for build and the equipment he has on hand being just about enough to build what many people feel is the world's best built Balisong.
Overall Length: 15.625"
Blade Length: 7.25"
Blade Material: D2
Blade Thickness: 0.185"
Handle Material: 303 Stainless Steel
Weight: 1Pound 7oz
Closed Length: 9"
Knife Category: Custom Balisong
Action: Flip, Latched
Blade Style: Straight Flat, Clip Bowie
Country of Origin: USA
Running On: Bushings