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Introducing American Tomahawk Co., a brand that merges heritage with craftsmanship and places reliability at the forefront. The tomahawks offered by American Tomahawk Co. go beyond being mere tools; instead, they encapsulate a legacy of innovation and military expertise.

Crafted in the heart of Tennessee, American Tomahawk Co. ensures meticulous forging of each tomahawk head using American 1060 steel, guaranteeing exceptional strength and durability that withstands the test of time. The brand's Tennessee hickory handles, created in-house, exude a traditional touch, while the nylon handles offer contemporary versatility.

Drawing inspiration from the greatness of historical designs, American Tomahawk Co. products bear the mark of Ryan Johnson's profound appreciation for historical weapons. With a touch of innovation, the brand presents tomahawks that pay homage to tradition while meeting the demands of the present.

From seasoned outdoorsmen to tactical enthusiasts and those who appreciate finely crafted tools, American Tomahawk Co. delivers products designed to be reliable companions on various adventures, offering a lifetime of service and an unwavering guarantee.

American Tomahawk Co. invites individuals to choose their brand and embrace the confidence that comes with owning a tool steeped in history, created by skilled veterans and artisans. From the Model 3 to the Universal Tomahawk Rig, each product exemplifies the brand's commitment to excellence.

Unleash the inner pioneer, embrace the spirit of adventure, and place trust in American Tomahawk Co. for tools that surpass expectations. By joining the brand, individuals become part of the ongoing legacy of Peter Lagana, experiencing the unparalleled quality and reliability that American Tomahawk Co. represents.

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