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Darriel Caston and D Rocket Designs custom knives are well-known in the knife-making industry for their exceptional craftsmanship. Darriel Caston is an acclaimed knife maker with years of experience. He has worked with some of the world's most renowned knife makers and knife companies. D Rocket Designs is a company that he founded, providing custom-made designer knives.

D Rocket Designs knives are known for their innovative and functional designs, as well as their unique style that features balance and zen. They offer a wide range of knives, including everyday carry knives and automatic knives. The company's automatic knives are highly popular among knife enthusiasts. The automatic knives are designed for quick and easy deployment, making them perfect for tactical situations. They come in various sizes, with different blade types, including tanto, spear point, and clip point.

The everyday carry knives from D Rocket Designs that PVK carries are also exceptional. They are specially designed for daily use with smaller sizes for easy carrying. The design of these custom made knives emphasizes functionality, with user-oriented features such as ergonomic handles and robust blade locks.

Darriel Caston's custom knives are a testament to his skill and passion for the craft. His knives are unique, and each piece is masterfully crafted to ensure the highest quality. His custom knives are highly functional and designed for everyday use. Darriel Caston's folding knives range from small EDC knives to large folders, all with a focus on design and efficiency.

Darriel Caston and D Rocket Designs pride themselves on using only the finest materials in their knives. They source their materials from top-tier suppliers around the world. The knives are crafted from premium materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, and exotic woods.

PVK.com carries many different custom made knives from Darriel Caston and D Rocket Designs. Their focus on innovative custom knife designs ensures that each knife they create is a work of art. For collectors and knife enthusiasts, Darriel Caston and D Rocket Designs custom knives are the epitome of excellence. Order online today.

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