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Paul Stasiak, the artist/machinist behind PSD Products Titanium Art, operates his craft from a small workshop located in The Indian Orchard Mills in Massachusetts. With a passion for working with various materials, Stasiak has a particular affinity for titanium. He began his journey in machining during high school and completed a machine shop program in 1987. Even before graduating, Stasiak was already involved in a co-op program at a machine shop. Over the years, he gained experience working at different shops until he eventually established his own.

Stasiak's technical expertise in the machining industry is leveraged to create truly unique artistic products. With just one lathe, one milling machine, a sandblaster, a heat treating oven, and a few small bench tools, he operates his one-man shop. From the initial stages to the final touches, every PSD item is entirely crafted by Stasiak himself, including the packaging. Many of his creations are produced in limited quantities, adding to their exclusivity.

The PSD logo, which features Stasiak's initials in a double infinity helix, has been a part of his artwork for many years, even predating his work with titanium. This logo is proudly displayed on all of his machined titanium items. Given that titanium boasts corrosion resistance similar to that of gold and is virtually infinite, the logo's symbolism aligns perfectly with the material. Stasiak takes delight in the fact that his creations have the potential to endure on Earth for thousands of years.

For those who share images of Stasiak's products on Instagram, he encourages the use of the hashtag #psdtitanium, allowing him to find and appreciate their posts.

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PSD Products Titanium Clobber Bead PSD Products Titanium Clobber Bead
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