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Fred Perrin is a highly respected and accomplished French knife maker, martial artist, and self-defense instructor. With a background in various martial arts disciplines, including Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and Krav Maga, Perrin brings a unique perspective to his knife designs. He is known for creating compact and versatile fixed-blade knives that excel in self-defense and everyday carry applications.

Perrin's knives often feature ergonomic and minimalist designs, focusing on practicality and ease of use. He utilizes high-quality materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel for the blades and incorporates features like finger grooves, index choils, and textured handles for enhanced grip and control. Perrin's knives are renowned for their durability, reliability, and optimized functionality.

Apart from his knife-making skills, Perrin is also recognized for his expertise in close-quarters combat and self-defense techniques. He has trained law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and civilians worldwide in practical self-defense tactics.

Overall, Fred Perrin's knives reflect his deep understanding of martial arts and self-defense, resulting in purpose-driven tools that are highly regarded by both knife enthusiasts and self-defense practitioners.
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Fred Perrin Mini Push Dagger Neck Knife, 2.5 Inch Darkwashed 440C Double-Edge Blade, Black Kydex Sheath Fred Perrin Mini Push Dagger Neck Knife, 1.5 Inch Stonewashed 440C Double-Edge Blade, Black Kydex Sheath