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Auxiliary Manufacturing Knives

Auxiliary Manufacturing is a brand that is synonymous with quality manufacturing and precision. They have been in the business of manufacturing knives for years and have refined their craft along the way. The company produces a range of handmade knives, including EDC, or everyday carry, knives, which can cater to different needs. Notably, their EDC knives stand out for their reliability, durability, and ruggedness.

EDC knives refer to those knives that people carry with them every day. Whether for opening packages, slicing fruits, or self-defense, people need knives that can perform these functions effectively. Auxiliary Manufacturing knives serve as the right choice for EDC purposes. Thanks to their exceptional design, blade materials, and overall construction, these knives are tailor-made for any situation that one may face in daily life.

One of the reasons why Auxiliary Manufacturing knives are ideal for EDC purposes is their quality blades. The blades come in different materials, including stainless steel, which makes them suitable for cutting through most materials. Furthermore, the knife blades are designed to retain their sharpness even after constant use, maintaining their effectiveness and reliability.

Auxiliary Manufacturing offers one-of-a-kind custom knives that are great for use in the field, kitchen, or wherever you may find yourself. These custom knives are designed to last a lifetime, and PVK.com is proud to offer these high-quality custom made knives to you. Shop our custom knives for sale today.

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Auxiliary Manufacturing Pocket Bowie, Stonewash Magnacut Blade,  Fordite & Black G10 Auxiliary Manufacturing Pocket Bowie, Blackwash AEB-L Blade,  Stingray Wrapped Auxiliary Manufacturing Pocket Bowie, Blackwash AEB-L Blade, OD/ Orange G10 Scales Auxiliary Manufacturing Pocket Rocket, D/E  Nitro-V, Black Linen Micarta
Auxiliary Manufacturing Bottle Rocket XL, D/E  Nitro-V, OD Green G10 Auxiliary Manufacturing Bottle Rocket XL, D/E  Nitro-V, Black Linen Micarta