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Krein Knives

Tom Krein is a skilled custom knifemaker known for his passion and expertise in creating high-quality knives. From a young age, he developed a fascination with knives and recognized their practicality while engaging in outdoor activities. Inspired by his discovery of Blade magazine during his high school years, Krein decided to pursue a career as a custom knifemaker. He began crafting fixed blades in 1993 and later had the opportunity to work with renowned knife makers Bob Dozier and A.G. Russell. Currently, Tom Krein operates his own workshop with the assistance of his three sons. He believes that a knife should blend form and function seamlessly, serving as both a tool and a weapon. Krein constantly strives to enhance his knife-making skills and techniques. With a commitment to craftsmanship and a dedication to improvement, he continues to create exceptional knives appreciated by enthusiasts.
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Tom Krein Bulldog XL Acid Washed D2 hollow grind Dark Brown Micarta, Red Liner and Micarta Pins Tom Krein Wanderer Acid Washed D2 Scandi, Black Micarta, Orange Liner and Pins