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Vladimir Burkovski is a renowned knife maker known for his exceptional craftsmanship and artistic approach to knife making. He was born in 1970 in Ukraine, specifically in Nikolaev. Vladimir's passion for art and sculpture developed during his childhood, with a particular interest in small sculptures.

After completing four years of education at Odessa Art College (OTHTU) in Ukraine, Vladimir began his professional career at Odessa Film Studio. It was during this time that he started creating his first author knives. His talent and dedication to his craft led him to explore different artistic opportunities in various locations.

Vladimir spent a significant portion of his career living in Estonia, particularly in Tartu, where he worked as an artist for "Kodukiri" magazine and as a sculptor at the "Ethnographic Museum of Tartu." He later moved to Haifa, Israel, where he served as a property master at the "Municipal Theater of Haifa."

Currently, Vladimir resides and operates his own art studio, called "Studio Burkovski SNC," located in Monza, Italy. In his studio, he creates entirely original works of art, collaborating with both Italian craftsmen and esteemed artisans from around the world. Vladimir combines the sculptural technique of carving with the intricate engraving skills of master engravers. Additionally, he incorporates forged Damascus steel from various countries, including Italy, the USA, Sweden, and France.

The combination of these techniques and materials allows Vladimir to produce exceptional, bespoke knives tailored to the specific requests of his clients. While his knives remain functional tools, they also transcend their utilitarian purpose, becoming exquisite works of art. Vladimir draws inspiration from other artists and the rich traditions of the art world, resulting in knives that are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Vladimir Burkovski actively participates in international custom knife shows held in Europe and the USA, where enthusiasts and collectors have the opportunity to witness and appreciate his remarkable creations.

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