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Blade Elite Mini Whetstone - 400 Grit
Blade Elite Mini Whetstone - 400 Grit


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Item#: BEM-400WS

Ceramics cut beautifully and uniformly using water (not messy oil) as the lubricant; they’re resistant to shatter and breakage and literally last a lifetime. Cleanup consists only of washing with detergent and warm water to restore the original clean, white cutting surface. The cut is rated “smooth” and you can cut Hard Arkansas with these Ceramic files. After a bit of use and a few washings, the cut will become even finer.

Soak Stone in water for 5 minutes then place it on a steady platform. Hold knife at desired angle and grind edge back and forth with gentle pressure. Wipe with a wet cloth or rinse with water after sharpening, then dry. Clean stone surface with a soft brush and air dry. Use whole surface to keep consistency when sharpening. Sharpening results are always better with oil.
Smooth cut. Contains 1 of the following: Square Stone
Stone Size: 6" x 0.75"
400 Grit