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Matt Cook Custom Balisong
Matt Cook is one of the most well renowned Balisong makers in the history of the trade, He has been making the knives by hand for more then 20+ years. His name is whispered in circles of flippers and echoed in shadows of collectors, famously hard to get to and even harder to find an available knife. Matt has been seeking perfection for years, searching for the perfect Balisong knife handle and blade setup. Helping get BRS on the map and running, including making all the early prototypes of the Alpha Beast by hand. Early on Cook has been doing batches of his more standard style "Fat Ladies" that are more production oriented and impossible to get.

This Balisong features Titanium Handles with a Satin finished S30V Steel Clip Point style blade.
This Balisong style, including handle weight, hole pattern, blade grind and rear width are a PVK exclusive and made just for us by Matt and will be available only from us. This is the second prototype from this maker.

Also includes hand carved form fit felt inlaid wood box with magnetic locks.