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RJ Martin is a highly regarded custom knife maker known for his precision craftsmanship and innovative designs. He has been crafting knives for over 30 years and has gained a reputation for his attention to detail, quality materials, and functional yet visually striking designs. RJ Martin's knives often feature unique blade shapes, ergonomic handles, and high-performance materials. He specializes in both folding knives and fixed blade knives, catering to various purposes and preferences. His designs are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Throughout his career, RJ Martin has received numerous awards and recognition for his work. His knives are known for their exceptional fit and finish, smooth action, and overall excellence. His collaborations with knife manufacturers, such as his partnership with Kershaw Knives, have brought his designs to a wider audience. RJ Martin's dedication to his craft and his commitment to producing high-quality knives have made him a respected figure in the knife-making community. His creations are admired for their functionality, aesthetic appeal, and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.